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Explore the rugged Attaquaskloof wilderness, hidden between the towering peaks of the Outeniqua and Gamkaberg mountains.


Immerse yourself in an expanding wilderness as you join our active role in rewilding the ancient elephant migration routes.


Participate in a wide range of rewilding and game reserve management activities, as you intimately familiarize yourself with wild Africa.

REWILDING: Join our efforts

Actively participate in our rewilding efforts to bring back wilderness and protect and enhance biodiversity across the diverse range of ecosystems that converge in the Gora Wilderness Reserve.


Wildlife Rehabilitation

Assist with the care and reintroduction of endangered wildlife species at our rehabilitation centre.


Nursery &

Get your hands dirty at ground level as we propagate seedlings for our reforestation projects.


Corridors &
Migration Routes

Help to recreate ancient elephant migration routes as we anticipate the return of giants.

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Daily Activities

As a volunteer, you’ll participate in a range of exciting activities that aid in the conservation of this biodiversity hotspot and the vulnerable wildlife that reside here.


Game Monitoring

Throughout your stay, you will embark on a number of game drives in search of vulnerable and endangered wildlife species. Heading out into the Gora Wilderness you’ll collect vital observational data.


Camera Traps

Help with the setup of camera traps that play a vital part for conservation management teams, as they often capture footage of elusive and secretive species like leopard and brown hyena.


Land Restoration

Some parts of the Kamma section of the Gora Wilderness Reserve have been damaged by centuries of overgrazing and farming practices. Help eradicate old structures posing a threat to wildlife.



Together with both academic and foreign research institutions, the Gora Wilderness team conduct fascinating research projects. Join them in discovering essential information on the local ecology.

Rewilding Afrika Conservation Experience was a heart-pounding adventure that rekindled my primal connection to nature and left me in awe of Africa's majestic wildlife.
rudolf müller
Miami, Florida
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Kamma Section, Gora Wilderness Reserve, Little Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa.

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