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The hands-on working with wildlife on my Rewilding Afrika experience has left me in awe. Absolutely an animal lover's dream come true!
carla du plessis
Pretoria, South Africa

Welcome to Rewilding Afrika Conservation Experience, an unparalleled journey into the heart of African wildlife conservation.

Join us in expanding the Gora Wilderness Reserve as a beacon of hope and dedication to preserving this unique part of the African continent’s remarkable biodiversity. If you’re seeking an adventure that combines convenience with purpose, look no further.

Rewilding Afrika Conservation Experience has partnered with the Gora Wilderness Reserve in its vision to expand the revived wilderness by creating a mesmerizing conservation experience where volunteers can participate in active wildlife conservation. More than just a safari experience, volunteers come to learn about the practical aspects of anti-poaching  and habitat destruction, the preservation of endangered species and the rewilding of entire ecosystems.


Explore the rugged Attaquaskloof wilderness, hidden between the towering peaks of the Outeniqua and Gamkaberg mountains.


Immerse yourself in an expanding wilderness as you join our active role in rewilding the ancient elephant migration routes.


Participate in a wide range of rewilding and game reserve management activities, as you intimately familiarize yourself with wild Africa.

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Gora Wilderness Reserve

Rewilding Afrika Conservation Experience is situated in the Kamma Section of the Gora Wilderness Reserve, a vast wilderness that is currently being restored through baby steps to a big vision. Currently the Gora Wilderness Reserve is a tapestry of isolated remnant wilderness areas that are being weaved into a single unit to restore the ancient elephant migration routes from the Indian Ocean into the Little Karoo interior.

The visionary movement work towards uniting diverse private and public properties and nature reserves in a common purpose: the creation of wildlife corridors in order to forge and establish an interconnected wilderness area that resonates to the ancient wilderness of Africa.

The Kamma Section forms the central part of the tapestry and is an integral corridor wilderness area to ensure future connectivity between the coastal region to the south and the Sanbona-Anysberg Section to the west. The word Kamma means river in the Khoikhoi language, and this section of the reserve was so named for the many large rivers that converge in this hidden valley between the Outeniqua and Gamkaberg mountains. Read more on the Gora Wilderness Reserve official website.

The location of the Kamma Section within the Gora Wilderness Reserve.

Meet our team

Our founding trio came together from far afield¬† and from different backgrounds, and united in their passion for wilderness conservation and the rewilding of impaired ecosystems…

Sheldon van den Berg

Coming from the private security and firearm training background, my focus turned to conservation after experiencing poaching atrocities first hand in the Greater Kruger area. Ever since that gruesome experience I have dedicated my knowledge of security to conservation in the form of training anti-poaching units (APU's) and practical survival training in the African bush.

Marcel van der Merwe II

Growing up in peri-urban Cape Town, the transformed environment led me on a path of discovery into the natural history of the pre-colonial Cape wilderness. This journey culminated in the publication of "Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green Heritage of the Forgotten Cape", and the founding of the Gora Wilderness Reserve & Foundation that serve as the "active rewilding arms" of the book.

Peter Graham (PG) Spamer

Originally from Johannesburg, I moved to South Korea and travelled extensively across Asia. During this time my eyes were opened to the serious plight of wildlife internationally and on a local level. My background in construction, business and project management has translated well to the various aspects of strategic and practical day-to-day conservation management

What a memorable experience! The facilitators took us on a journey through the Gora Wilderness, not merely as spectators, but as role-players intimately involved in the ecosystem.
Biancu du preez
Tzaneen, South Africa