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Conservation Experience


Telemetry Tracking

Tracking high-profile species like leopard and brown hyena using remote sources such as wire or radio in order to understand their spatial ecology and population.


Alien Plant Clearing

Armed with machetes and heavy-duty gloves, help to restore the area’s natural biodiversity by hacking alien plant species that have become invasive in some parts of the reserve.


Wildlife Monitoring

Throughout your stay you will embark on a number of game drives and nature hikes in search of vulnerable and endangered wildlife species in order to collect vital observational data.


Land Restoration

Help eradicate old structures, such as internal fences posing a threat to wildlife in some parts of the Kamma Section of Gora Wilderness Reserve that have been left by former farming practices.



Collect Spekboom cuttings and propagate indigenous trees in the nursery. Expand and establish various forests, ranging from arid Acacia forests to relict subtropical forests in hidden valleys.


Camera Traps

Help with the setup of camera traps that play a vital part in conservation management teams, as they often capture footage of elusive and secretive species like leopard and brown hyena.


Research Projects

Together with both academic and foreign research institutions, the Gora Wilderness team conduct fascinating research projects. Join them in discovering essential information on the local ecology.


Ubuntu Sanctuary

Help with big cat care at nearby Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary, a retirement forever home for large predators that have been saved from terrible captive situations and can no longer be returned to the wild.


Animal Rehabilitation

Help injured and recovering animals at our wildlife rehabilitation centre. Build and enlarge enclosures, help with cleaning and feeding, and come up with creative natural stimulation.



Receive special operations anti-poaching training from a specialist in the field, assist anti-poaching units with watch patrols, and embark on snare detection and removal patrols.


Community Projects

Engage rural communities with environmental educational programs, and help setup community orchards by planting fruiting trees while being entertained by indigenous folk stories.


Corridor Creation

Learn all about the need for wildlife corridors and then engage in the active development of corridors between the various conservation cores that comprise the Gora Wilderness Reserve.


Survival Skills

Get acquainted with primitive survival skills and embark on a journey into the bush to hone your skills as an individual and as a group under the guidance and supervision of a knowledgeable ranger. 


Indigenous Pastoralism

Engage with local indigenous pastoralists in various aspects of rearing and herding indigenous Nguni cattle, fat-tailed Damara sheep and Xhosa Lob-ear goats in a traditional wildlife friendly manner.


Rewilding Course

Complete a Rewilding Course that will instill both the principles of rewilding and the practical experience and knowledge of how to engage rewilding, both in South Africa and internationally.



Learn the San bushcraft of tracking in the bush by being acquainted with various animal spoor and signs that you will come across on your various treks through the reserve on foot.


Additional Activities

On this action-packed adventure there will be plenty of memory-making moments. Apart from the activities listed above, additional activities may include wildlife capture and assisting a vet when needed.

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Volunteer Camp

Unwind amongst nature’s embrace in the Volunteer Camp after the day’s adventure in the untamed wilderness.


You’ll be staying in the cozy accommodation of an old farm house that serves as a testimony to the area’s agricultural history. Rooms are allocated on a same-sex basis, unless you are volunteering as a couple. After your day’s adventure, you will be able to relax  in the great communal facilities of the Volunteer Camp. A laundry service is provided once a week.


Enjoy the outdoor television as you kick-back and relax next to the bonfire in the Boma. Next to the Boma, the Volunteer Camp also offers an entertainment room with games.

Food & Drink

Three meals are provided per day, most of which are served in a buffet style. On occasion, your meals may be packed and taken into the field activity permitting, otherwise join your group around the dining table. Vegetarian and vegan diets can be catered for, but let us know of any dietary requirements in advance.

A cooked breakfast is prepared for you once a week, otherwise cereals, muffins and toast are provided. Lunch may consist of sandwiches, wraps and pasta salad, while at dinner you may be treated with a potjie (stew) or a braai (traditional African barbeque). Water is available at the Volunteer Camp, and soft drinks may be purchased at the on-site shop.


The Rewilding Afrika Conservation Experience includes: Accommodation; Three meals per day; Water, coffee and tea; An English speaking adventure coordinator; All projects and activities; Airport transfer from George Airport only; and A donation to the Gora Wilderness Foundation.

It does not include: Flights; Travel insurance; or Alcoholic beverages and snacks.

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